Adaptive Life Skills, the skills to End Suffering here and now Training courses specifically for adults of all ages within 3 days, 5 days, or 9 days will provide trainees with true insights about the real world and equip them with adaptive life skills, the skills to end suffering here and now. Learners of all types, especially young people and students will be exposed to the TRUE knowledge about life, about the purpose of life, about Happiness and Suffering. Thanks to this, by themselves they will be able to answer all of their questions about life, about the purpose of life, about the way of living that the majority of young people and students are looking for answers in vain. This is the very fundamental skill on which all other life skills that people are seeking and learning are based.


A – Adaptive life skills: Every people, young or old, male or female, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, regardless of any races or religions, are making every effort to thrive in their different jobs, but all of them are heading towards the ultimate and sole purpose – END OF SUFFERING. However, there are two types of knowledges of Suffering as well as two ways to End Suffering:


– The first type is CHANGING THE OUTWARD LIVING CONDITIONS to satisfy the WANTS of the mind. This is how the majority of mankind is doing. Every single person, every single family, every single country and all the humanity is trying to change the living situations, changing the world from darkness, backwardness, poverty, disease, etc. into a modern, rich, happy, comfortable, etc. world. With scientific inventions, people have been changing the world, they have been able to do what they want, but in the end, they cannot reach their ultimate goal – ENDING SUFFERING. The world has been changed, life circumstances have been changed in a way that become increasingly wealthy, comfortable and modern, but humans still cannot avoid sufferings. They only exchange one kind of suffering for another, and there has come even more serious, terrible kinds of suffering than before. Why? Because humanity has conceived THE WRONG KNOWLEDGE about Suffering, and about the Cause of Suffering.


– The second type is CHANGING THE INWARD MIND to adapt to OUTWARD LIVING CONDITIONS. It is a change from a mind full of loves and hates (Love of pleasant objects, Hate of unpleasant objects) to a mind that no longer loves or hates objects of reality. This is a non-love-and-hate lifestyle that adapts to all situations and subjects. Trainees will learn to adapt to different climates, to healthiness or illness, richness or poverty, happiness or sadness, compliments or complaints, to any kinds of food, any kind of jobs, to all ups and downs of life, to all kinds of people regardless of religions, perspectives, etc. Learning and practising adaptive life skills, learners will stay peaceful in every moment. They will no longer stay afraid, no longer have to strive hard while enduring sufferings for their whole lifetime to accumulate money, wealth, reputation, etc. with the desire to ensure safety for the future, especially when they get old. Most of humanity thinks that changing the inner mind is harder than changing the outward circumstances, and changing the mind is impossible but the fact is the opposite. Changing outside conditions depends on a multitude of external factors so it is very difficult but changing the mind depends only on one factor, each trainee’ personal intellectual abilities and efforts.


B – Skills to End Suffering Here and Now: The sufferings that people feel caused by the environment, by living conditions such as weather, climate, food, diseases, etc. only account for about 5 to 10% of all sufferings, the remaining 90 to 95% arise from the inner minds, and the CAUSES of those sufferings are LOVE, HATE and SEARCHING within minds. Minds love pleasant objects, hate unpleasant objects, and therefore seek for pleasant objects to replace annoying and neutral objects. With a way of living attached with Love, Hate and Searching that is dependent on outward factors, Ending Suffering is likened to a dream in the far-away future. Mankind believes that suffering will end when life circumstances are altered, when they achieve a pleasant situation that can replace all unpleasant and neutral situations in the future. Therefore, they try to endure all sufferings at the present in the hope that sufferings will end in the future. When learning and practising adaptive life skills, trainees will change their minds in a way that end states of Love, Hate, and Searching, so right then and there their Sufferings will have ended. Having learned and practised the skills to end suffering here and now, trainees will still live in the same situations, do the same jobs as before but in a state of mind without suffering but with peace at the present, and without looking forward to future.


C – Benefits of learning and practising Adaptive Life Skills, the skills to End Suffering here and now: The extent of benefits gained from training courses depends on the ability and efforts of each learner. While the results are different for each person, all of them can achieve:


– Firstly: Change comprehensively thanks to being equipped with THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE about the real world, about life, about the purpose of life, about the way of living, about Happiness and Suffering, while erasing THE WRONG KNOWLEDGE that has been accumulated in the past. From then on, they will reorient their lives towards the TRUTH, because knowledge shapes the way of living. They will realize problems of their life that need to be solved and although they have not solved the problems, they have already been equipped keys to solve them.

– Secondly: Have a POSITIVE LIFESTYLE thanks to the POSITIVE state of mind that arises continuously and thus the state of tiredness, boredom, laziness will cease. Studying and working in a positive mental state will result in better results, and their whole life will be better. For a simple example, when they wake up in the morning with a positive mind they will get up right away, ending the suffering of sleepiness.

– Thirdly: Enjoy the JOY and COMFORT sensations arising from the inside. Contended with that inner Joy and Comfort, they will be free from attachments, control, temptations, and enticements of the Joys from the outside such as gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, prostitution, etc.

– Fourthly: Reduce and stopping VIOLENCE in the family, school and society because the violence-related thoughts have been stored in the memory of the mind and when triggered, humans will carry out violent actions. In the state of continuous concentration, violence-related information in the memory will not be activated.


Each type of people in society with different characteristics will achieve different benefits:


1 – For businessmen, entrepreneurs and intellectuals:


By learning and practising the Adaptive Life Skills, the skills to End Suffering here and now, they will realize the true reality, will determine their purpose of life, and will REORIENT their lives towards the true reality and their new purpose of life. Thanks to that, their stress at work will be reduced, the pressure of success or failure will be lessened, and they will stay calm in the face of all ups and downs in their business, ease up on employees’ wrongdoings, and will not bring stress from work into their family, into their free time. Businessmen will be able to maintain the balance between work and life. After attending one or more training course(s), managers will conclude that if Adaptive Life Skills, the Skills to End Suffering here and now are applied in their companies or factories, their workers and their employees will stay constantly focused when working in a positive and relaxed mental state, and therefore their productivity will increase, they will love their work more, and the relationship between them and managers will be much closer. Leaders will organize courses for their workers and employees to learn and practise Adaptive Life Skills to improve their quality of life, minimize sufferings at work and in their family. Moreover, when leaders minimize love and hate, their perspective on matters will no longer be biased, but more objective, accurate, towards the truth, and so their decisions and investments will be more accurate and less risky. They will lead a more relaxed life, minimizing their attachment to their work and assets.


2 – For young people and students:


Attending the training courses on adaptive life skills, the skills to end sufferings here and now, the youth will be guided to observe reality so that he or she can distinguish between two kinds of knowledge: one is the false understanding about reality, about the purpose of life leading to a life of sufferings, and the other is the true understanding about reality, about the purpose of life leading to a life without sufferings. Fully equipped with true and untrue knowledge, they will be able to answer by themselves questions of life, inquiries about purpose of life and get through confuse, ideological contradictions, and disorientations,…, that they have been searching for answers in vain from an increasingly comfortable, modern life but full of stress, pressure and boredom. In addition, learning and practising this skill, young people will always have a positive, joyful, and comfortable state of mind that arises from the inside, not from the outside world, so they will do daily tasks like cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc. in a fun and relaxed way. They will gradually lead a life independent of their parents, breaking through parental help from childhood until “grown-ups” like most Vietnamese children. Also, this skill helps the young to adapt to all jobs. They will no longer hate manual labor, and just like to work in the air-conditioned office. Lastly, the state of positive, joyful, and comfortable minds will no longer lead them to seek joys from drugs, ecstasy, or other stimulants. The search for these toxic joys is because they are bored with the material pleasures, or find a way out of the Neutral states.


3 – For teenage children:


The skill of continuous attention will keep them constantly focused when listening to lectures in class, when studying, doing homework, and helping them to do housework happily and comfortably. That skill also helps them to be easy with foods, and minimize spending time on smartphones or tablets.


4 – For manual workers and farmers:


When they learn and practise the skill of continuous attention, they will work in the factory or on the paddy field with constant attention and in a positive, relaxed state of mind. At work, they will not be distracted by thinkings, leading to no boredom, laziness, and tiredness. Their work results will be better, more accurate, and they will feel less tired, no longer longing for a time-out. Besides, having applied the skill of continuous attention at work, they will also apply that skill to stay happy and comfortable while performing all tasks of daily life such as sweeping the house, washing dishes, picking up vegetables, washing clothes, etc.

5 – For people suffering from depression:


They will learn that their sufferings are caused mainly by non-stop miscellaneous thoughts that lead to tension and paranoia with no way out. Practising the skill of continuous attention will stop 70% to 80% of trivial thoughts. Also, a positive and relaxed mind will help them gradually get rid of depression and paranoia.


6 – For those who are terminally ill:


They will learn the truth about reality and realize that the terrible sufferings that oppress them are due to the misunderstandings of reality. The misunderstanding of the reality that gives rise to “greed for life and fear of death” has been stored in the mind memory from the past and when suffering from incurable diseases, the information “greed for life and fear of death” will be activated. The skill of continuous attention will restrain the activation of the information “greed for life and fear of death” to help them live peacefully in the present, and true knowledge will gradually erase the wrong knowledge to help them calmly face the inevitable death.


7 – For the elderly and retirees:


At working age, people are familiar with being overwhelmed by jobs and relationships, so when retired, with no work and relationships, they will lose balance and fall into Neutral states. Many people get shocked and panicked, not knowing how to live for the rest of their lives. Besides, the more elderly the more stubborn they tend to get, so their relationship with husband or wife and children will get more stressful. Many of them end up depressed and disappointed in the nursing home. Adaptive life skills, including the skill of continuous attention, will help them get rid of those situations, have inner peace, and minimize the domination of the outward conditions.


8 – For prisoners:


Prisoners crave freedom and desire for intense enjoyment but they are completely helpless, so their suffering is much greater than that of ordinary people. If they learn the Adaptive Life Skill, the skill of ending suffering here and now and bear in mind that this is the only way for them to end sufferings, they will wholeheartedly practise it. Therefore, the results they achieve will be much higher than learners in the free situation, who are distracted by many factors. With sheer determination, prisoners can achieve a free will despite in prison.


D – It’s not just by reading a few books, listening to some sharings or attending a training course that a person will be able to teach and guide others how to learn and practise Adaptive life skills, the skills the End Suffering here and now. Only fully-trained experts that have practised masterfully, gained total benefits listed above, led a relaxed life, and having ended 70% to 80% of all sufferings in daily life are able to teach and guide this life skill with success.




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