I. Gosinga foundation

The increasingly strong development of the social economy has brought about great achievements for people, especially improving all aspects of life and the invention of technologies that help people become more and more civilized and advanced, but on the other hand, the human spiritual life is increasingly facing crises which have no way to be resolved. The more people try to seek for happiness, the more their suffering is. The reason is that people have had an untrue understanding, knowledge of the laws of nature and society, so they are also living not in the truth taking place in reality. If human want to end suffering, we must change from untrue understanding to the true one. When suffering is stopped, people will live in a much more positive way and focus on working more effectively. To do so, it requires scientific and empirical methods. Gosinga was originally founded to provide practical training on this particular method.

Formed initially in 2009, there were only a few individuals and gradually it has been spreaded to the group of intellectuals and businessmen and thousands of people from different subjects and ages through hundreds of training courses that have been deployed throughout the whole country and have obtained significantly positive results.

By 2019, Gosinga Educational Organization (Gosinga Vietnam Joint Stock Company) with a non-profit operating model was officially founded under the Business Registration License No. 0108844584, issued on July 29, 2019 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Ha Noi.

II. Mission

To equip Vietnamese and foreign learners with the method of observing the truth. From there, helping to change their understanding from untrue understanding to true one, practicing to change the inner roadmap, forming a lifestyle adapted to all situations. Thereby contributing to improving the quality of inner life of learners in a positive way, improving labor productivity and ability to study effectively.


III. Gosinga vision

Building Gosinga to become a social nonprofit  enterprise pioneering and leading Vietnam and the world in the field of training and exporting the training programs of  adaptive living skills, sustained attention skills and the skills to end suffering right now and here.

IV. Gosinga core values

Hrdeya(mind): Gosinga is the place of convergence and dedication of dedicated people who have succeeded in at least one specific area with the desire to devote wholeheartedly themselves to society, focus on training and leading learners with mind through the teacher’s role model.


Prajnà(wisdom): Because of the belief: people know and understand how, they will live like that. The whole content of Gosinga training is based on knowledge and wisdom – understanding, knowing, realizing the  truth through the method of observing the truth, experiencing truth and living with the truth on all 4 aspects: The truth about things, phenomena. Causes leading to things and phenomena. The end of things and phenomena. The ways things and phenomena end.

V. Operating model of Gosinga

  1. Training courses

Gosinga offers short courses of 1-9 days for the objects:

  1. Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs / Businesses
  2. Children and teenagers aged 10-18 years
  3. Students
  4. Workers, labourer
  5. Old people
  6. Prisoners


  1. Gosinga International Meditation Center

Gosinga regularly organizes picnic events, meditation experiences with nature and offers many locations of monastery throughout the country for domestic and foreign guests.

Attracting investment and developing Meditation Centers, Ecological and Leisure Centers domestically and internationally.


  1. Gosinga Consulting Center

Gosinga organizes one-to-one consulting activities for people who are having the following problems:


  1. The mental crisis when suffering from dangerous diseases and health decline
  2. The crisis of marriage and relationships
  3. Working pressure
  4. Health weakness
  1. Gosinga Scholarship Fund

With the desire that more and more people will be enjoyed these meaningful and practical activities, Gosinga has established the Gosinga Scholarship Fund to mobilize philanthropists to join hands to contribute to support disadvantaged students with difficult circumstances the expenses such as travel, accommodation, study materials and investment in upgrading facilities to support the courses better.



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 26010001320201


BIDV, My Dinh Branch – Hanoi.

Phone contact and SMS to all 3 numbers:

0936467928 (Nguyễn Minh Tâm)
0355868788 (Trần Văn Dũng)


Address: Floor 3, D2, Tower A D2 Building Vo Vo – Ba Dinh – Hanoi




Mrs Nguyen Minh Tam: 0936467928 (Standing Executive Board)

Mr Pham Thanh Nam 0979964188 (General Director)


In Soc Son: Pham Thanh Nam – 0979964188

In Hung Yen: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – 0904252926

In Thai Binh: Nguyen Phi Long – 0356599999

In the Central Region: Nguyen Ba Phong – 0916539229

In Da Nang: Truong Thi Bich Hai – 0964589151

In Ho Chi Minh: Hoang Thi Huong Giang – 0898882466.

In Hoi An: Pham Thi Thien Tan – 0949 900795

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